Rocco Riccio

Hamilton Township School Board 

"Education Not Indoctrination "

Realization - students are not reaching their potential
Informed - the experience to improve education
Compassionate - cares for children and their futures
Considerate - always the consummate professional
Insightful - get back to teaching core academics
Obligated - committed to give back to Hamilton 

About Me


  • A lifelong resident of Mercer County

  • Twelve years in Education

  • Certified in two Career Readiness content courses

  • Certified School Business Administrator

  • Over 25 years of non-profit budgeting

  • Husband, Father 


  • Raising standards by eliminating the “Not Less than 50%” grading policies and holding guardians/students to the attendance truancy policies

  • Preventing controversial curriculums from indoctrinating our children’s education   

  • Prevent our district from becoming more dependent on NJ’s Adequacy Budget standards

  • Create a more inviting & supportive environment for our teachers by re-examining Danielson Framework procedures and make sure our educators are treated with respect and dignity from administrators, parents, & students

Campaign Kickoff

I want to thank everyone who attended my campaign launch 

August 31, 2022 at Blend Bar & Bistro 


If you wish contribute to run for School Board, please click this link

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